Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tech Prep?

Tech Prep allows you to earn high school and college credit at the same time (this is called Dual Credit) for successfully completing certain Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses at your high school. The courses are taught at the high school, but are considered part of a college degree or certificate program which aligns with a program of study at one or more of our four local community/technical colleges.

Which classes at my school are Tech Prep classes?

You can locate which classes are available at your high school by accessing the STUDENTS tab and finding your high school chart.  The career specialist at your high school can also assist you in determining what classes are available.

Is there an age requirement for when I can begin earning Tech Prep college credits?

Tech Prep classes are a part of your district’s regular Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes.  You are eligible to begin earning Tech Prep credit anytime between 9-12th grade when you are currently enrolled in an eligible CTE course.

How many college credits can I earn?

There is no “official” limit on the number of credits that a student can earn in Tech Prep – that is usually determined by the college.

How do I register for the first time?

First, go to our website and click on the REGISTER link at the top of the menu bar.  This will open directions for you to begin registering through our online system.

How do I register if I have already created an account?

If you are a RETURNING STUDENT you may login with your User Name and Password OR your Tech Prep ID number and birth date.  For further instructions go here:

Do I have to enter my Social Security number or State Student ID when I register for Tech Prep classes?

Entering your social security number is optional; you do not need it to register for Tech Prep. When registering, the required items are marked with an asterisk (*) AND your email address!

How do I pay?
  1. You can pay your $46 payment online at
  2. You will need to know your Tech Prep ID number (please see question below)
  3. You may also pay by check/money order
    1. Make check payable to: Tech Prep CC
    2. Mail check to: 

    Tech Prep CC/Amy West

    c/o Bellevue College
    3000 Landerholm Circle SE
    MS N215E
    Bellevue, WA 98007

Do I have to pay for each class?
No, students pay one $46 consortium fee per school year. Your $46 annual fee covers ALL classes you register for during one school year.   Again, please only pay once!  We apologize but we are not able to refund your payments due to being charged by the credit card company for every single transaction.
  • IMPORTANT -- YOU ONLY PAY ONCE PER SCHOOL YEAR - regardless of the number of classes you are requesting credit for, regardless of the number of credits you are earning, regardless of the number of colleges you are expecting credit from.
  • The fee is NON REFUNDABLE!!!
  • Fee will NOT be refunded for any reason (this includes: failure to make required grade, withdrawal from class, or any other reason...including over payment!)
  • Please contact Amy if you have any questions:
How do I find my Tech Prep ID number?
  1. Your Tech Prep ID number is/was assigned to you when you created your Tech Prep account in SERS (Student Enrollment and Reporting System -
  1. You can find it by logging back in to SERS and clicking the “view/update profile” link to view your profile page – the ID number will be just above your mailing address OR
  2. You can find it on the confirmation email that was sent to you at that time OR
  3. You can find it on the email confirmation sent to you when you registered for your class(es)


I accidentally registered for the wrong class.  How can I change it?
Please don’t re-register!  Call our office at 425.564.6158 or e-mail and we can make the change for you.

I can't remember which class and/or college I registered for. How can I see my registration?
  1. If you know your TP ID #, you can login by entering your TP ID # along with your date of birth. The ID is case sensitive, so be sure to capitalize the TP.
  2. You may have created a User Name and Password; you can also login using this option.
  3. If you don’t remember your TP ID # or User Name; there is a Forgot Login option under the login boxes that will email your login information to you if you have provided us with a current email address.
  4. If you still can’t find it, email or call the Tech Prep office at (425) 564-6158.  Give us your full name, date of birth and verify your high school.  We will give your TP ID number to you. 
Can I make changes to my student profile?
Yes, simply login to the online registration system and click View/Edit Student Profile. From here you can change your address, email address, phone number, etc.
Can I get credit for my class from multiple colleges at the same time?
No. When a Tech Prep class is available for credit at more than one college, you must choose which college you would like to receive credit from. You cannot receive credit for the same class at two colleges.
I took Tech Prep classes last year but didn't register for credit. Can I register now to receive the credit?

Not always. You must register for the Tech Prep program during the same school year that you are enrolled in the qualifying class.  Exceptions may apply for classes that are two (or more) semesters long.  Please email with specific individual questions or situations.

Will my credits transfer to any college?
Credits will transfer within the Washington State community/technical college system. Transferability of credit to four –year colleges depends on the receiving institution. Many students have had their credit accepted at other colleges in Washington and out of state; however, there is no guarantee that your credit will directly transfer. You may be able to use the credits as electives or to satisfy a prerequisite.
When do I receive a college transcript? How do I get an official copy?
The college that awards you credit will generate transcripts during summer quarter. A letter AND / OR transcript will be mailed from CCC, LWTech or SCC directly to your home address in late August/early September. Bellevue College will email a notification to you that your transcript is complete. You will be provided with a Student ID Number (SID) that is unique to the college awarding you the credit. You will need this number to order an official transcript to be sent to a college of your choice. For more information on how to order transcripts, please visit the Transcripts link for transcript information for each of our partner colleges. You may also download the attached pdf for more information.
What is the difference between an “official” and an “unofficial” transcript?
An official transcript comes in a sealed envelope and is what you will send to the college that you decide to attend. Once the seal is broken, it becomes an unofficial transcript. An unofficial transcript is a copy of your transcript that you can keep for your own records.
What do I do when I am ready to enroll as a college student?
If you are planning to attend the college that has awarded you Tech Prep credit, you’re credit will already be available for use at that college. If you are planning to transfer your credits to a different college or university you will need to request an official copy of your transcript(s) from the college(s) awarding you the credit to be sent to the institution you are enrolled in. They will review these credits as ‘transfer credits’. You may also need to enter the college course name and number on your college application. Information about your college credits can be found on your college transcript and also on your Tech Prep registration page. If you need help accessing this information, please email us at or call us at 425-564-6158.

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"The last several years I have been fortunate to have Tech Prep at my high school. All of these classes most definitely helped me in my career choice, but also helped me gain credit in college before actually going to college.

I'm starting Bellevue Community College with over 12 credits, which helped me financially, plus I have the opportunity to graduate earlier than my peers. Thank you Tech Prep!

Tyler Henselman
College Student


"I have had three sons take advantage of the Tech Prep program. The credits they have received have given them some breathing room in their freshman schedule and saved me a substantial amount of is a wonderful program that I would encourage everyone to take advantage of."

Robin Stearns

"Tech Prep courses not only saved me thousands of dollars but also prepared me for college level courses while allowing me to take classes on campus and stay involved in my high school."

Katie Underwood
Central Washington University Graduate